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Vientiane Times

The Real Lao Newspaper

The Vientiane Times is the only English newspaper in Laos. It was established in 1994 and used to be issued twice a week.
After it got color pictures to brighten up its content, it now (2004) is a daily newspaper with Lao and international articles.

The topics (issues of Dec. 2000)

It is still a small newspaper with only about 20 pages - not to compare with a Bangkok Post! However, it gives a good overview of what is going on in Laos and the world.

Vientiane Times on the Internet (using a real Lao country domain

Subscription Service

Vientiane Times
Pangkham Rd
P.O. Box 5723
Vientiane Lao PDR
Tel: (856-21) 216 364, 217 593
Fax: (856-21) 216 365

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  132 issues 264 issues
Lao PDR:
Regular Price
Home Delivery
LAK 396'000
LAK 528'000
LAK 1'056'000
LAK 792'000
LAK 1'056'000
LAK 2'112'000
Asia, Australia, NZ USD 225 USD 450
Europe, Russia USD 264 USD 528
North America USD 330 USD 660

Price quotes from Dec. 2004. Prices are subject to change. Other rates on request.
Please check the website for the online subscription fees.

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