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Green Discovery Eco-Tourism Laos - Travel Company
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Laos - Lao PDR
Lane Xang - Land of a Million Elephants and a White Parasol

Lao PDR, Lao People's Democratic Republic, is a landlocked country (like Switzerland) located in Southeast Asia. Its neighbours are Thailand to its South and West, Vietnam in the East, Cambodia to its very South, China to its North, and Burma/Myanmar in the North-West. Laos today is 236'800 sqkm in size. The population of Laos is about 5.2 million. 70% live in rural areas. The largest city is the captial Vientiane with nearly 400'000 people followed by Savannakhet with about 100'000.
The old name of Laos is Lan Xang - Million Elephants.

Lao emblem
lao map with relief Lonely Planet Lao Map

Lonely Planet published a great travel books.

The MANDALA Boutique Hotel in Vientiane - completly rebuilt in 2012
The MANDALA Boutique Hotel in Vientiane

Green Discovery Laos, adventure travel & eco-tourism - the best in Laos

"From limestone mountain karsts to river gorges, rural villages lost in time, mountain plateaus and fragile cave ecosystems, there is no better unspoiled country to explore than Laos. At Green Discovery we share with you our unique knowledge of the most exciting and remote areas. With Green Discovery, you can discover the real Laos." (Green Discovery Laos, a great adventure travel & eco-tourism specialists).
Visit the Green Discovery travel office at the Khop Chai Deu restaurant at Nam Phou Square in Vientiane, or one of the branch offices in Luang Prabang, Luang Namtha, Vang Vieng, or Pakse.

Currency: Lao Kip - Historic Exchange Rates

Date USD LAK    
December 1993 1 720  
  • The largest Lao bank note is 50'000 Kip - about 5 US dollars. Commonly used are 20'000 Kip notes and smaller ones. Carrying larger amount, means carrying a lot of paper. Carry larger amounts in Thai Baht and in US dollar notes instead. They are easier to carry than Kip, and they can be exchanged at many places. However, you should know the current exchange rates.
  • The Lao Kip used to be divided into 100 at. But today the 500 Kip note is the smallest note in use. On the markets they sell smaller notes as souvenirs.
  • More exchange rates such as Thai Baht, Swiss Franc, Euro, etc. you can find at
December 1995 1 950  
January 1998 1 2'500  
August 1999 1 3'500  
May 2000 1 7'800  
April 2001 1 8'400  
October 2001 1 9'400  
February 2002 1 9'900  
May 2002 1 9'450  
May 2003 1 10'600  
October 2004 1 10'650  
December 2004 1 10'400  
February 2005 1 10'350  
June 2006 1 10'150  

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