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Georg's reading list on Laos

Laos has long tradition of great textiles - woven silk products with artistic brilliance and aesthetic beauty. Here is an external book list of tribal textiles of Laos.

These are some books about Laos. I own a copy of each of these books.
(by clicking on the titles or pictures, you get directly to where you can order them. A link to website is available next to the book title)

Lonely Planet Guide on Laos (

Great reading with many nice pictures and a good map. Improved history section in the 5th edition.
Most information changes too fast for the book (for any book) to keep the pace.
320 pages (2005) 5th edition; Lonely Planet Publications; ISBN: 1741040868

Lonely Planet: Laos

Reise Know-How on Laos
(German book)
Better reading about the history and poltics than older Lonely Planet Guide.
Prices, etc. are as outdated quickly as all other books.
(2003) ISBN: 3831712050

KnowHow: Laos

Footprint Laos Handbook: The Travel Guide (
Jane Bickersteth, Joshua Eliot, Dinah Gardner, Kim Young
336 pages (February 2000) Footprint Handbooks; ISBN: 1900949466
One more travel guide about Laos.

Footprint Laos Handbook
A History of Laos (
Martin Stuart-Fox, professor at University of Queensland, Brisbane
A good reading about the Lao history from the point of view of an Australian historian. It lacks a bit the most recent history and the current affairs.
272 pages (September 1997) Cambridge University Press; ISBN: 0521597463
History of Laos

Stalking the Elephant Kings: In Search of Laos (
Christopher Kremmer, Australian journalist
Good reading about a journalist travelling through various places in Laos. Always asking about what happened to the Lao king.
It is a completely different point of view as the "History of Laos".
Highly recommended reading for everyone who wants to go to Laos.

STalking the Elephant Kings

Laos Culture and Society (
Contributions of many authors edited by Grant Evans
313 pages (1999) Silkworm Books, Chiang Mai, Thailand; ISBN: 974-87090-4-3
From the cover: "Laos Culture and Society is the first comprehensive social and cultural study of this fascinating part of the world in forty years. For too long it has been overshadowed by analyses of neighbouring societies."

Laos Culture and Society

One Foot in Laos (
Dervla Murphy
284 pages (2001) Overlook Press; ISBN: 1585671436 Dervla tells about her trip to Laos (I guess in Dec 1998): the people she met and and her experiences she had trekking through the high mountains of Laos. An excellent reading.
"A passionate, angry book that chillingly describes a beautiful but benighted country." Sunday Tribune

One Foot in Laos

Mother's Beloved : Stories from Laos (
Bnounyavong Outhine
198 Seiten (November 1999) University of Washington Press; ISBN: 0295977361
All stories are printed in English and Lao!

Mother's Beloved: Stories from Laos
Taste of Laos : Lao/Thai Recipes from Dara Restaurant (
Daovone Xayavong, John Bear, Roger Williams
135 pages (July 2000) SLG Books; ISBN: 0943389321
A short introduction on Lao food and many Lao recipes. This cookbook is a great gift for someone who experienced the great food in Laos.
The Dara Restaurant, owned the the author, is in Berkeley, California.
Taste of Laos - Cookbook
Covert Ops : The CIA's Secret War in Laos (
James E. Parker Jr
This CIA guy, Mule, tells about his service in Laos. Very interesting to read. Not too much a war story. It gave me a better understanding of the time of the American war in Laos. But after all, it is written by an American, so the bad things of the American influence are not mentioned in this book.
CIA secret war in Laos

One Day Too Long (
TOP SECRET SITE 85 and the bombing of North Vietnam
Timothy N. Castle
371 pages (1999) Columbia University Press
From the cover: "This riveting tale of heroism and patriotism tells the full story of a covert military operation in Laos that resulted in the largest ground combat loss of U.S. Air Force personnel during the Vietnam war."

One Day Too Long

Lonely Planet: Lao Phrasebook (
a Language Survival Kit
Joe Cummings
152 pages (1995) Lonely Planet Publications; ISBN: 0864422768

Lao Phrasebook by Lonely Planet

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